Sublimation employs a printing process that utilizes heat to transfer dye into fabric. Solid colors or highly detailed images are printed with dye-sublimation inks on to specialized transfer paper. Then the printed paper and black are processed through a large format press under high heat and pressure. The heat releases the dye from the paper and fuses it with the fabric. The end result of sublimation is fabric colored with extremely detailed images and vibrant colors.

Why Sublimation?

1. Permanent color, no crack or peel like traditional prints

2. No color limits, no logo limits

3. It brings your designs to life, with brilliant and bright colors

4. Designs can be printed over the entire garment

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1. Low minimum order from 10 pieces

2. Australian company owned foreign Factories, quick turnaround, quality assurance

3. Wide range of stock fabrics selection and wide range of patterns available

4. Offshore price, local supplier and hassle free