BOCINI is an expert corporate clothing and workwear supplier with more than 19 years’ Experience in manufacturing garments for Australian business.

We do not sell to end users, we are a wholesaler which distributes specifically to promotional companies, agencies, uniform specialists, embellishers and retailers. If you are unsure of your local distributer, we can provide you with the company who can assist you best with our products for your specific specifications within your closest proximity.

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our range and have worked closely with new designers to introduce new breathable fabrics and various colours and styles, our high visibility and workwear range is designed to meet Australian and New Zealand Standards whilst keeping up with all the latest designs and technology.

We are passionate about pursuing high quality fabrics and designs we remain committed in bringing you the absolute highest quality whilst providing affordable and competitive offshore pricing. Which in turn makes BOCINI a unique and leading brand within the industry.

Our goal is to ensure we tailor to ALL our customer’s needs, we offer a range of quality garments with specially designed technology that ensures you are suited up for any job type.